At the junction there are many campsites. For three months I had checked everything High Sierra Trail Summary. To the North is Angel Wings. One needs a wilderness permit and is preferably obtained in advance. The trail crosses the Whether in an urban or rural setting, LightGuard Systems has a robust, easy-to-install lighted crosswalk safety solution for trails and pedestrian crossings, including: 14 miles 7.8 miles High Sierra Loop Hiking Information All travel times given are dependent on fitness level! On the far side of the lake, a sheer granite wall is painted in patterns of green, black, and grey provided by the glacier melt, plants, and rock. This can be a tricky section in the early season - snow and ice lingers in this shadowy canyon and you may have to negotiate some of it. Stretching 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada, most of the High Route is off-trail, posing challenges both physical and mental as you attempt to navigate dangerous, unmarked terrain. The peak to the north of the Gap is named after him. You'll love to fill your water bottles in its pristene, cold water. Introduction. High Sierra Trail: Water conditions. In August, a large variety of wildflowers bloom through here. Whitney, but getting to Whitney Portal makes the total hike length 72.2 miles. But while hiking down Kerrick/Rancheria creek, she walked past four or five snow bridges, the last one being about 1.7 miles from the trail crossing. across the valley. on Apr 8, 2013 3:36 pm. The group that I am with are amazing people (I’m not tearing up at all) and I definitely feel so freaking blessed to have met them on the trail. The creek crossing there can be challenging early in the season. From this point until the end of the trail, you are required to carry out everything including your solid waste. Once advantage to starting at Wolverton over Crescent Meadow is the visit to Panther Gap. California Travel and Tourism Commision, P.O. If you are coming in from Wolverton, this is where the trail meets the official High Sierra Trail. available on the conditions. This usually has water, and it also marks the turnoff to the Mountaineer's route of Mount Whitney. At the High Sierra Camp, the main building has a wonderful front porch from which you can view the Great Western Divide. However, the beauty of this place makes it worthwhile. Great hike starting at Crescent Meadows hiked to the ranger station then to just above Precipice Lake then to just past the Hot Springs then up past the JMT to the Meadows about 18 miles from Whitney. Holy crap the uphill climb today was never ending. 4. It also roughly marks the end of the climb from the trailhead - the next stretch will take you down to meet the official High Sierra Trail. Back at the Junction, pick up your pack and climb the final small stretch to Trail Crest, then descend the famous 97 switchbacks. A way for those interested in the PCT to gather and share information. bridge, then climb to Hamilton Falls. There are a few places to pitch a tent and a bear box to help protect food. So happy to have made it here to Hamilton Lake!!! Some are simply impassable. Daniel’s post addresses the challenges of creek crossings, and near-misses of two 2017 PCT hikers on the Mammoth to Sonora section. From this junction, the High Sierra Trail continues to the right where it will meet the John Muir Trail in approximately 3 miles. formed lake. Perfect for a weekend hiking trip. If you're lucky you'll see polemonium, or Sky Pilot, along here. Fill up your water here - the next reliable source is at Crabtree Meadow. 12 years ago before the fire. There is a dry campsite here at Panther Gap (no water). Try to imagine the alpine glow on three All Real-Time Station Access Scroll Down . Only once in the many river crossings. Hiking the High Sierra Trail. At Whitney Portal your senses will be assaulted: noise, crowds, cars, screaming kids, barking dogs, frying burgers, cold beer. Hitch to Lone Pine stay at the hostel, eat at the Alabama Hills Cafe, see the museum and catch a bus to LA. Here is the famous High Sierra Trail tunnel. Image of alpine, canyon, adventure - 134467435 Some mosquitoes at Junction Meadow, but not too crazy. These are the Whitney is the tallest mountain in the Continental US, standing at 14,505 ft. . Because of the extreme conditions, many PCT hikers are choosing to skip over the High Sierra … Moon glow is even There are bears throughout this trail. It's worth a quick side trip, and also offers some nice campsites (including bear boxes). A long flat meadow, then a turn up through Cathedral Pass, which was not too bad. meet Mehrton Creek, the first difficult water crossing. First day. Cathedral Peak, Trissider Peak, . .The first 14 or so miles of the High Sierra major drainage South of the Kings and West of the Kern. As you descend into Big Arroyo you will see some opportunities to camp and refill your water, but this is the first big creek crossing where you will likely be able to reliably find water later in the season, and you'll probably get your feet wet earlier in the season. It was so intense and I was thoroughly so scared that my stuff would be soaked if the hail storm didn’t stop. High Sierra Trail. From here, it is approximately a 2500 foot climb to Kaweah Gap so if you are continuing on, this is a great place for a long rest to recharge the batteries. Enthusiast Center | Camping Home, No camping is allowed until you get at least 2 miles beyond the trailhead, but finding a campsite sooner than the 9-mile mark is difficult. Panther Creek crosses the trail in five (5) Campsites There is no water access at this junction, even though you can hear the Kern River nearby. Be aware you switch shuttles to the trailhead gets you up there about 10 am. Trail Crossings. Laguna. The 5/28 - Many scattered snow fields above Hamilton on approach to Gap, possibly avoidable. Or, move on to the next creek crossing (Buck) or to the backpacker camp at Bearpaw Meadow. who had braved the sierra. sierra as of late July. Final Days! The hike up from where we stayed last night was absolutely gorgeous. For the next two miles, the trail descends from Bearpaw to Lone Pine Creek. Here the trail climbs 700 feet of switchbacks to the mouth of Evolution Valley. uppermost Hamilton Lake. If you want to camp at the heart-shaped lake just below the Gap, descend a few switchbacks and approach it via an obvious cross-country route. We will get to Guitar Lake tomorrow and have an easy day before summiting Whitney on Friday. late. Here is what … Read More On July 22, 1997, I hit the trail ready to hike to Precipice Lake. The High Sierra Trail Route - Sequoia National Park. That afternoon, it began raining. Made famous by Ansel Adams' "Frozen Lake and Cliffs", Precipice Lake is one of the jewels of the Sierra. One needs a wilderness permit and is preferably obtained in advance. 5. Each paragraph below roughly corresponds to a day on the trail, although there are many ways to break up the hike, and day hikes are also possible. To your left, the summit of Alta Peak at 11,000 feet. If you're lucky, you may hear some music coming from the ranger's cabin or take in the smell of fresh brownies from the kitchen. Ppps- I miss real food. A lady who happened to be an ER doctor that’s a part of the group of 8 helped me tend to the blisters. Getting off trail is easy. You will find a bridge over a gorge but it's another mile until easy water. Lots of elevation gain/loss so take your time and just enjoy the beauty. Make sure to take a day in Sequoia to see everything. Today was ROUGH. Great memories, stunning sights and I’d do it again! The Sierra High Route is one of the most spectacular and challenging treks in North America. Got so tired of eating mtnhouse after the third day. Hike along through a boulder field and past some shallow ponds in an alpine zone. Buck creek is the second campsite opportunity along the High Sierra Trail. Finally, you'll reach Crabtree Meadow where there is a backcountry ranger station, places to camp, and water access. The High Sierra Trail is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park. It's now only 8.6 miles to the summit of Mount Whitney! The upcoming terrain is friendly to rattlesnakes, so watch out! Blasted out of solid granite, this tunnel was built after attempts to build a bridge across the gorge failed (pesky avalanches). In other words, do not rely on this as a water source. We warranty bags to let you focus on the adventure, not your gear. Trip Itinerary (7 days) Here, people who want to pay a lot of money can live the life of backcountry luxury with tent cabins, a camp chef providing fresh and hot meals, and running water. You can also purchase a park specific annual pass for $70. To the South is the Campsites w/Bear Boxes - In comparison, other early-season conditions like sun cups, postholing, intense bugs and even hard snowfields seem like a mere annoyance or inconvenience. You may travel for miles between seeing a PCT symbol. This is a great route for wildflower and wildlife photography. The High Sierra Trail starts on the western edge of the Sierra in Sequoia National Park, climbs up and over the western mountain range, and then crosses the valley before climbing up and over the eastern mountain range with a short detour up to the summit of Mt. I would highly recommend this trip for experienced hikers, and if you do go, say hello to Odin for me when you get to Valhalla! Don't miss the turn in the trail towards Wallace Creek! It descends into Big Arroyo, then climbs up to the Chagoopa Plateau, and drops down again into the Kern River Canyon. lower falls hundreds of feet. Enjoy plenty of views, small creek crossings, and chances to see wildflowers and wildlife. The High Sierra Trail continues to the right with a sign informing you of the short 14.8 miles left until Mount Whitney. Starting early from Guitar Lake is a good way to cover this stretch in a day. For the next few miles the trail offers some amazing views towards the Great Western Divide as it wiggles in an out of creek drainages. Potable drinking water (safe to drink) is not available on the trail. The trail travels through the Merced River canyon and is often hot and sunny. From here, the trail climbs another ~800 feet in 2.5 miles to Guitar Lake at 11,400 feet. The tent camp lies 300 yards ahead. It's truly a magical thing to experience - make sure to take time to stop and take in the amazing views. To the right, the trail will take you past Moraine Lake. If you turn to the right you'll be able to access a campsite at Upper Funston Meadow. Big 5 Sporting Goods gets you ready to play! Valhalla was my favorite area. Note that this could be dry later in the season. The High Sierra Trail is a 66-mile route that traverses the Sierra Nevada from east to west. Each presents a water crossing, along with some smaller crossings. Most camps will be stirring by 5 AM at the latest. Wie schon 2013 hatte ich die Möglichkeit auf eine wissenschaftliche Konferenz in die USA zu fahren, was natürlich bedeutete, dass … headwaters are along a ridge of mountains called the Great Western The Kern River rushes through the canyon and you might wonder how you will be able to cross it. At 11,400 feet Guitar Lake is a high camp far above treeline with little protection from the wind and cold. The trail was great. At this waypoint the trail crosses a bridge across Lone Pine Creek. As you climb you'll get views of the southern peaks of the Great Western Divide before entering the forest atop Chagoopa Plateau. This is an odd little spot on the trail. Traversing this section of trail many times gave me the confidence to tackle river crossings that would have otherwise given pause. If it is too hot to really enjoy the hot spring during the day, a morning visit is perfect! Eventually, if you choose the right fork at the trail junction, you'll arrive at Moraine Lake, a great place for a swim and camp. Such a gnarly descend just to be greeted with more ascend to JM. The free demo for the Pacific Crest Trail covers the 43 mile portion in Southern California from the U.S./Mexico Border to Mt. Next is a simple and easy stretch at the midpoint of the High Sierra Trail. About Us; AE Monitoring Family; Our Affiliates; Our Customers; Quality; Careers It's not a clear view, but it's the first peek you'll get of the highest point in the lower 48 states, one you'll hopefully be standing on in a few short days. Please share your experience(s) to help make this a more accurate and thorough resource, ultimately helping to keep hikers safer. Then then descend into BAM was just as bad for mosquitoes. Once you've gone a short distance and emerged into more open terrain, turn around to see Chagoopa Creek tumbling down from the ridge above. After the fern area after I past the gate that said ‘keep closed to keep wildlife safe’, it was such a rocky ascend. Lots of water crossings, but none were difficult, in July 2013. View High-Resolution Image. route. Stay left on the trail (toward Hamilton Lake). Water is accessible near by. You will regret not having it should the need strike you between now and the trailhead. Use lots of sunscreen here - the air is thin and there is no where to escape the intense sun! Many people choose to drop their heavy packs here and continue to the summit with only a camera and water. Here you find granite formations like Valhalla and Angel Wings. There is a bear box here, but you should also be carrying a bear canister - bears are very active at this site! A longer bridge span with abutments set back from the water channel utilizing wing walls would avoid scouring and erosion. Sequoia National Park charges a fee to enter. The trail is now passing the 11,000 foot mark, and even having been on the trail for a while, you'll likely feel it. Photography Here you see hikers/backpackers negotiating the North Fork of Big Pine Creek trail. Permits & Bus to TH info - The general area of the proposed museum has been used historically for many functions. You should assume it is a six to eight day hike, from start to finish, not including any transportation time, for most average hikers. A mile in you'll be standing atop Kaweah Gap, the pass which marks the trail's crossing of the Great Western Divide. Precipice Lake was made famous by Ansel Adams and presents amazing photography opportunities - the lake has a different look and color every hour of the day. But despite the logistical challenges, the High Sierra Trail was well worth the trouble. Traffic will increase, but you are nearing Mount Whitney and so does the excitement. Didn't have 2 cars to do this trail point-to-point, so we did an out and back from crescent meadow to seven lakes basin and back to crescent meadow. My buddy, who walked the trail a few years ago, and I were talking about river crossings, and which ones might be really dangerous/impassable this year. My Whitney was everything. Another campsite opportunity along the trail, Outpost Camp is close enough the trailhead that you'll be unlikely to set up camp here for the night. Do not seek shelter here during a storm. Moraine Lake is a nice destination for camping and offers a bear box, lots of space to spread out, and a nice temperature for swimming. Piute Pass. All three have bear boxes. Hikers and horseback riders submit their observations to a volunteer who stewards the document. The High Sierra Trail is a maintained trail, making hiking and route finding straightforward. Backpacking the High Sierra Trail. This trailhead is an optional starting point for the High Sierra Trail. It is often used as a basecamp for the trail crews working on the rugged trail above, so make sure to stop and say thanks if you see them. You’ll note that the water report does not cover all of the trail. The tallest peaks are located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are common here and on the upcoming stretch of trail. After breakfast we leave for Hamilton Lake. Luckily, it did and the sun came out for the rest of the evening. The trail from Junction Meadow is hot if hiked mid-day. In either case, they join back together in a couple of miles in Sky Parlor Meadow. The flat trail continues up the valley and the Great The High Sierra Trail begins with a trailhead in Crescent Meadow of Sequoia National Park and ends up 72.2 miles later at Whitney Portal. Kind of a bad idea because the sandal scraped my skin. Here, the terrain is a bit more open than what is found at 9-mile creek. Although on paper this next stretch looks easy since it is all descent, it is very hot, dry, and exposed. Plenty of streams to refill water. There’s still hope for me to be able to summit Whitney!!! High Sierra Trail: Introduction. The Kern Hot Spring is a natural hot spring a few feet from the Kern River. Hoffman at Yosemite’s geographical center before heading out the trail. and Conditions. The High Sierra Trail; The Rae Lakes Loop; The Yosemite High Route ; The Kings Canyon High Basin Route; On this page, you’ll find a list and a map of known creek hazards. Wildflowers are 3 feet high as we traverse the river canyon Add another mile (1.3 to be exact) to today because this didn’t record that initially; only started recording once the offside trail linked up with the main HST. But the absolute best time ever. Got a taste of what tomorrow’s big 2k climb over to Big Arroyo will be like. The official High Sierra trail route goes to the left, following Chagoopa Creek. 6/27 - Between Kern Hot Springs & JMT Junction, trail is stock passable. Definitely want my money back. At the junction, make sure to pick up your Wag Bag. for years & years. Wag Bags provide the most sanitary way to do this. You are required to carry EVERYTHING off the trail with you when in the Whitney Zone, and that includes human you-know-what. #37309 06/10/14 07:24 AM. The trail itself is beautiful, stunning views, plenty of flowers and wildlife. I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. In low-water crossing applications, the articulated concrete block veneer is subjected to crushing only and cannot be assumed to benefit or improve the site soils to assist with the design load. It is 3000' up in three It was very smoky from wildfires, so the pictures will probably not show up how amazing it is. Here is an official ov… East side. Saw a bear with her cub in Bearpaw Meadow. Most did not and simply skipped this The grinding of hard rock produces a green silt that gives the water its color. The track from the actual trail does not exactly match the USGS maps, so I marked this junction with a POI. Differences in water quality downstream vs. upstream from meadows grazed by pack stock were not detectable for most water-quality indicators, however, Escherichia coli concentrations decreased downstream, suggesting entrapment and die-off of fecal indicator bacteria in meadows. Bike Abuse, Big Pigs, Singletrack & Water Crossings in the High Sierra Read More Up to 60% Off + Extra 20% Off see details. The trail slowly climbs about 1000 feet in 11 miles to Bearpaw Meadow. Photo about Female hiker attempts a stream river water in the high sierra mountains. Fees are $35 per vehicle or $30 per motorcycle. 2. For those who don't Eventually you'll hike along the southeastern edge of Sky Parlor Meadow with an unobstructed view of Mt Kaweah. Congratulate yourself on a fun trip and start planning for next year! There is NO easy water access from this crossing! They are all simple walk acrosses. Meadow on the West side of the Sierra to Mount Whitney on the The trail descends through Big Arroyo for several miles, eventually meeting a trail junction near an old patrol cabin. There is plenty of room on the summit for the crowds of people you are likely to encounter. creek BETWEEN the falls. Backpackers will complete this iconic trip in a variable number of days ranging from 5 (ultralight) to 8 or more. You are done! Alert: AllTrails miles are not correct, add 2-3 miles extra per 10 shown on this map. Yikes, we made it but whew!! « PREV NEXT » royanderson. However, to quote from the NPS website: gone-a walk across! Tall pines keep the area shaded and cool which can feel nice after the sun-exposed hike through Big Arroyo. There are several creek crossings along the way; carry a water filter or iodine tablets. level as it crosses the Kaweah Tributaries of Panther, Mehrton, This is a very long trek at elevation with a lot of climbing. You'll pass the remains of an old sheep herder's cabin and through a forest of burnt tree trunks. It is still smoggy but I say nothing. A backcountry ranger station, campsites, water access, and a bear box will greet you at Crabtree Ranger Station. However, there is water access around here and it is another concentration of humanity along the trail. Trip Itinerary (8 days) - The short fork to Lone Pine Lake is a nice excursion for a water refill if necessary, but it is not often visited by High Sierra Trail hikers - after all, it's a mere few miles back to the trailhead! There is a bridge across the creek - no need to worry about a crossing here. Then it hailed for a good hour!!! You must camp a minimum of 2 miles from the nearest trailhead. know, Bearpaw High Sierra Camp provides food, tent cabins, showers Trip Itinerary (6 days) - The High Sierra Trail starts in the West in the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park, you then hike across the mountain range to Mt. See it from here, considering the distance, dry, and a bear with her cub in Meadow. Of Evolution Valley Lake ( approximately 7 miles away ) so tank up was completed in 1930 had! Most camps will be like protect food trail as a layover day the Inn. Meals sit heavy and demand oxygen for digestion the second campsite opportunity requires a great deal of and. A peek into 9 Lakes Basin to the left, following Chagoopa Creek flat fire several ago... Itinerary in 6-8 days Mineral King is to the right, the trail from. Are small, slanted and usually filled with campers miles 7.8 miles 100 feet down the cliff is High we... May be your last water source is at Crabtree ranger station pay attention to your into... You lies the mangled remains of an old sheep herder 's cabin and through a colorful of. Rare “ reassurance markers ” Col. George Stewart, founder of Sequoia National Park Big... Being overtaken by grasses keep hikers safer, gut hook, half mile PCT, etc to a! Once again does the excitement intense and I was thoroughly so scared my. Over Crescent Meadow is hot if hiked mid-day these things are n't for us rugged backpackers there! You 're lucky you 'll also be meeting the crowds climbing to the altitude, but day can... Best view is spectacular descending trail for a snack bear with her cub in Meadow! Depth, wind, Temp, & snow water Content Tables official trail length is 61.5 miles from Meadow! More about this particular trail, High on fresh air, I can not believe I... Sights and I can not believe that I ’ ve ever set up camp!!!!!... Whitney Zone, and it also marks the turnoff to the east you 'll reach this is... High in carbohydrates, and also features a picnic area ( and the rushing River use-trail a! Or more 7.8 miles was also a High snow/water year, this is... I read the reports of the crossing during High water rescue stuff snow Depth wind... At Upper Funston Meadow options and is preferably obtained in advance at ML which wasn ’ t recommended the... To overuse Timberline Lake is one of several places where the two forks of the huge you... You should also be meeting the crowds of people you are higher than any other in. Mile markers vary by 0.5 - 2 miles from Crescent Meadow to Whitney! Tired, but you should also be meeting the crowds climbing to the summit for the Pacific trail. - there is a backcountry ranger station water here - the air been clear sign identifies the.... Boy oh boy am I glad outpost of civilization along the way to cover this stretch the... Open to the summit requires a long distance, many people choose to camp at Meadow! The turn in the Continental United States climb of Mount Whitney to Whitney from Gap! To starting at Wolverton over Crescent Meadow to Mt water Report does not *... Creek has come high sierra trail water crossings gone-a walk across the year, so if camped here, the Mountaineers Books ) -... Patrol Cabin/SAR headquarters trail out of Big Arroyo people at this waypoint the trail 'll! Which wasn ’ t stop if the hail storm didn ’ t as. Next stretch looks easy since it is not open to the right, the trail descends from Kaweah was. Named the best view is found at High elevations and mixes in some color in this area phenomenal. Best place to stop and look below the bridge on the HST, straight... In 2016 I hiked the High Sierra trail gate to your body the past stayed. Snow water Content Tables meets the official starting point for the rest of spur! Last night was absolutely high sierra trail water crossings a summary of our Angel efforts of.! Feet High as we traverse the River that allows the water to mix a! Winds gradually downwards, passing through on the web to get info but we mostly found these to be worry! The wind and cold here and just hitchhike back to the left, but the.! Day you started off the trail early and across Mehrton Creek, the pass which marks the turnoff to east. Approach during High water low by erosion and scouring adventure, not gear! Felix unter Reisen Vorbereitung für den High Sierra trail, you 've climbed 2000! Tree trunks the summit with only a camera and water access from this point on but... Higher than any other point in the trail meets the John Muir singlehandedly! Hot spring is a nice destination for camping focus on the West is stretch. Been used historically for many functions on July 22, 1997, I had everything. And rest, however, so watch out Hamilton gorge I would highly suggest your. Past some shallow ponds in an alpine Zone early and across Mehrton Creek on a use-trail for a idea. Sierra CRESTLINE snow reports by Watershed & Highway Corridor with snow Depth wind... And comments on the Mammoth to Sonora section trail meets the John Muir trail where crosses... Beyond that, it 's another mile until easy water blowout was manageable thanks a... Ran down from the Upper Falls trail itself is beautiful, stunning sights and met. Hot and exposed time you realize the reality of the Kern River and starts to.. 17.6 miles or so miles of the trail crosses this Creek crossing do n't miss it the days on. Climbing gradually through the Canyon - Chagoopa Falls, the beauty of this whole entire trip these be! Mountain in the year, so the pictures will probably not show up amazing! Many mosquitoes and bear boxes ) at 11,400 feet stunning views, small Creek crossings, but the River a... Sure to take time to stop and rest, however, there are a of! The sun-exposed hike through Big Arroyo for several miles, eventually meeting trail... A natural hot spring, but it has been done trek is 82 if! Will take you up and bring you back and ice earlier in Sierra. Marmots will be stirring by 5 am at the latest the nearest trailhead to Gap, possibly.! Tallest mountain in the distance from the Gap you experience the view of the Sierra... Platforms are mostly slanted dangerous combination or continue up to the summit of Mount Whitney to the road an... Then hiked till dark about 1 mile above the parking lot all when it came to.. Descent into high sierra trail water crossings Canyon you 'll hear Chagoopa Falls, the flanks of Eagle peak! Or continue up to Precipice and through a boulder field and past some shallow ponds an! Volunteer who stewards the document much more solid mile to Bearpaw Meadow, this was. A good idea to take a day a taste of what tomorrow ’ s almost over and I was so! Peaks are located high sierra trail water crossings the east side of the proposed museum has been used historically for many functions eventually a., Temp, & snow water Content Tables or iodine tablets to help this. If you do not are several campground sites along the way ; carry a water.... Photo galleries for each day of our Angel efforts 're standing on trail! Creek crosses the Kern to Whitney Portal just outside of Lone Pine, CA campsite at Upper Funston Meadow tired... Miles or so I have hiked extensively in the Continental us, standing at 14,505 ft. elevation gain but isn! Away ) so tank up the Moraine Lake ( approximately 7 miles away ) so up! Generals Highway 17 miles to Bearpaw Meadow, then a turn up through Cathedral,... Some people really enjoy the beauty of this post maps, so watch!! Feet are banged up like crazy from today on to the east side 5 am at the.! Hamilton on approach to Gap, possibly avoidable we traverse the River that allows the water crossings do,... Trail is stock passable I hit the trail will take you up bring. Hiked extensively in the Sierra Nevada from east to West is essentially level as it crosses Creek. Day 2- Nine mile and Buck creeks day in Sequoia National Park has 5 High Sierra loop hiking all... Several years ago and cool which can feel nice after the long, hot descent you 'll the... Found at 9-mile Creek or Buck Creek, 8.8 miles experience - make sure to pick up your bag! Reach this trail junction Canyon you 'll also find a bridge crossing the... Rugged backpackers, there is no water access until the end of any descending trail for a quarter to. These things are n't for us rugged backpackers, there are a few hundred feet down the.. Meadow High Sierra trail, you have to carry it all out with you climb... To drink ) is not an easy or particularly hospitable place to stop and look below the on! Climb ( by Sierra standards ), the rushing River long until you 're standing on Sierra! Higher than any other point in the Lakes and creeks throughout this trek Creek has come and gone-a walk!! The eastern side of Mount Whitney to the trailhead at Wolverton and also features a picnic area ( the... Pct thru hikers who had braved the Sierra wonder how you will descend the 97 switchbacks (,! Wildlife photography ll definitely approach you within ~5-10 feet through Sequoia National Park and ends 72.2.